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What is the Role of a Librarian

2017. Librarian Lisa Stringfield Prescott documenting gray literature in the National Forest Service Library system. Forest Health Protection Gray Literature Project. Mt. Hood National Forest Headquarters, Sandy, Oregon.

A librarian is the one that works professionally during a library, providing access to information to users. Librarians’ duties vary from institution to institution. Helping people is part of the work. From ordering books, organizing books, and monitoring children’s behavior also, who is reading and who is a disturbing element. The Librarian is no more a traditional librarian. The Role of a librarian is continually evolving to satisfy the user’s requirements with the help of technology.

A contemporary librarian looks after the maintenance of data in many formats, including books; electronic resources; magazines; newspapers; audio and video recordings; manuscripts; photographs, etc. A librarian can also provide other information services, including information literacy instruction; computer provision, and training. A librarian always looks forward to appreciation from readers as he tries his skills in giving a solution to the user in the form of documents in time. The following major services he has to look after :


Acquisition services 

A Librarian has to make the policies that have to be followed for acquisition services. He has to make a requisition form and that form has to be issued to those faculties who require a book. After filling in bibliographical information of the book, the faculty submits it to him. He gets approval from the head of the Institution.

The Librarian has to see if the budget permits the required purchase. After the approval, he places an order to the vendor. Before that, he has to take a quotation from different vendors. The vendors who give a maximum discount with the best service the order will be placed to that vendor. Usually, it takes a month to get the books. The Bill is sent to the Accounts section. Before that, you have to check the book’s information with the purchase order.

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Cataloging Service

Now the book is given an Accession number and entered into the Accession Register. The bibliographical information of the book is entered in the Accession Register. The following columns are there like Date, Author, Title, Edition, Publisher, Publisher place, volume, Vendor, Cost, Call No., etc. So this information is again entered into the Library Software. Before that, you have to do stamping so that you can write the Accession number and Call No. on the book and book card. Again you have to write bibliographical information on Book Card.

Circulation Section 

The librarian has to issue and return books also. If you have staff there then also he looks after other works. But if he is alone you have to Issue and return books. You have to be cool while returning books as a lot of rush happens suddenly.

Role of Librarian

Magazine and Journals section

A librarian has to subscribe to Journals and magazines. He has to make entry into Register and again feed into Library Software. The reminder is sent for missing issues of journals. The Renewal is also done by him.

Automation of Library

This part is most important for a head Librarian. Some issues are coming on a daily basis. The major issues come when new admission of children. The records of new students are fed into Library software. If intake is 2500. Then two to three weeks you have to enter it. Then the making of Library cards. You have to issue smart cards. The cards with bar-coded are issued from the library. He takes initiative for the distribution. The Oracle password has to be renewed after a certain time.

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Guide Users

The Librarian guides users in searching for information for them. It may be physical documents or online. He helps users and he feels happy in doing it. The new students are informed about the rules and regulations of the library. How to use a digital library?. He issues old question papers to students. He guides which book will be better for which topics. He even recommends the book shop for those interested in buying books.


Lots of big and small issues are part of the job. Librarian has to do multitasking jobs. He is happy and satisfied at the end of the day. He is not at all tired as he loves caring for his users. He is happy to be there in the middle of books. He gets knowledge from books as well as with discussions with faculties. So ultimately he loves his role.



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