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Use of WhatsApp in Libraries

Use of WhatsApp in Libraries

Introduction – WhatsApp in Libraries

Do you know How to use WhatsApp in Libraries? Library and Information Centres provided information from ancient times but just the medium of conveying information has changed. The delivery process of information has changed. Application of Information Communication Technology has changed the services of the Library. We, Librarians, should utilize new technology for making services more efficient.WhatsApp in Libraries is a great initiative by Librarians.

There is a necessity to change with the time and so librarians should update their services. Social media are emerging these days and so we should use these platforms to provide services to their users. WhatsApp is one of the platforms, used for instant messaging. It is very popular among the student community and so we need to use this platform so that the student community benefits from it.

Different Platforms of Social Media

There are lots of messaging platforms available worldwide such as WhatsApp, Line, Hike, Nimbuzz,  Wechat, Facebook Messenger, IMO, and Telegram. These applications are being used by everybody for a different purpose. The common purpose is that users use it for sending messages to anybody. But through this application fake information is being sent and make it viral. Librarian’s work is to verify any information and then forward it.WhatsApp in Libraries is not to forward fake information rather they check whether that information is correct or fake.
WhatsApp and other social media platforms are user friendly and services are provided very easily. It is instant messaging is the best thing and users need not wait for it. We, Librarians, are very enthusiastic and hope that it will prove to be wonders for users who seek information on this platform. It is an outstanding application. Lots of Libraries and Librarian groups available on WhatsApp and Telegram.


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History of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular and used Messenger service. It was developed by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. This service was sold to Facebook in February 2014. Now Facebook is the proud owner of this service and trying to make it better. It provides text, voice messages,, as well as video calls.

 WhatsApp was launched in January  2015 for a Computer platform. It is easy to download from Playstore and activated by using a mobile number. Millions of people are using it.IBM Simon Personal Communicator was the first internet-enabled smartphone launched in the United States in 1993.WhatsApp launched in 2009 worldwide its services and in 2010 it was launched in India.
These applications can forward audio, video, documents, contact details, etc. Now users are more comfortable with mobile devices and so they need information on their mobile. So Librarians should follow the trends.It is mostly used on mobile but It can be used on a computer. This application can be used on other platforms like Android, Apple, BlackBerry, and others.
Now almost all users are using smartphones and so they can access these applications.  Initially, it was used by common people but now Academicians and researchers are using. Professionals have made a group and use it for discussion.

Library Services which can be delivered on WhatsApp.

1.Current Awareness Service
2.Selective Dissemination of information
3..Reference Service
4.Ask Librarian
5. Acquisition Recommendation
6.Discussion Forum
7.Library News
8.Document Searching
9.Reminders and Notifications
10. Reprography Service
11.Multimedia Service
12.Library Rules and Regulations
13.Document Reservations
14.Abstract services
16.Webinars Group




Librarians should update themselves with applications on mobile which helps to reach with the users. Librarian is a profession, who have to work 24/7 for their loyal users, especially in researchers. Their needs should be given priority and try to give solutions in time and these applications save the time of users.
The use of WhatsApp in Libraries is implemented for providing effective services. Every Librarian should utilize it. This is an instant messaging service. It will improve Library services. The users will get connected with the Librarian. He will guide users about the Library resources. This platform is great to share libraries and learning resources.


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