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What is System Software and Application Software , in general , is  a set of programs that direct computers  to perform required functions. Basically a software programs is a set of instructions for a computer. In simple terms ,you can refer to all programs that are written to be executed on a computer.The programs are written in number of different languages called programming languages.

The software component of the computer is the predetermined program or instructions which is loaded into CPU’s RAM for execution .In some computers systems these software packages are loaded by the manufacturer as a part of the specifications given in that particular model.

Functions of System Software and Application Software

The main function of the software is to perform the hardware into the desired job. For different jobs, different software is designed and developed. The general application software is for Word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, etc. whereas specific purpose application software is for a specific task like Accounts, Income Tax, Library Management, Ticket Booking, Hospital Management, etc.

System Software are designed for handling system control programs which include operating systems, Database Management  System, Communication, etc. System software supports programmes  which include utilities,job, accounting, etc.

Types of Software:

There is conflict in opinion in grouping software. Some want that it should be grouped into four types like Application Software, Utility Software, and Software Package. System Software is a collection of programs that helps in the execution of Application software programs. Application  Software performs specialized functions like Accounting or Ticket Booking. Utility software is a program that performs routine work,  like compressing data, copying files, etc.

Software package is computer application consisting of  set of programmes, which is developed to perform a specific type of work .Software package are generally integrated ,which means having grouped into modules.Each module handles a particular task .For example , in Library Management Software,  which contains modules like Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Serial Control, Administration,etc.But many people want it to keep mainly into two types of software:

System Software

System Software is a set of one or more programs, support and control the operation of a computer. System Software helps in the running of a computer system effectively and efficiently. Basically, System Software supports the smooth running of peripheral devices and monitoring the use of computer hardware. There are different types of system software:


Frequently used program which computer executes are permanently stored in ROM chips.These programmes are available to CPU immediately whenever it needs.These programmes are categorised as Firmware.Firmware is necessary to work as the boot up programmes that are written to start the computer are also in the form of Firmware.

System Software  Windows

Operating system

Operating system is the powerhouse or master control programme for the computer. It helps to control the computer and helps to perform different task .Operating systemhelps in performing memory management , file management, programme interaction, communication networking , graphics and other utilities.


It helps to translate one language into another.So a translator is mainly related to computer language. In a case of a computer , its hardware part only can operate when instruction are in machine language.There are different types of translators for different categories of languages.for Example Assembler for assembly language, Interpreter and Compiler for high level language.

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Application Software

Application Software performs specialised functions.Application Software Package are created to perform a particular task for a individual or organisation. Examples are Adope Photoshop, M.S.Word, M.S.Excel, Page Maker,Coral Draw, M.S.PowerPoint, M.S.Photo Editor, Auto-CAD, etc.The following are the Application Software discussed below:

Data-Base Management System

A Data Base Management System (DBMS) is a set of programs which is designed to manage large structured sets of data, offering Query options.DBMS deals all complex of databases.It can control the organisation’s storage and retrieval of data from its databases.

Word Processor

A Word processing package helps in creating, editing,formatting ,store ,retrieve text material and print it.A word processor is the software which helps to produce documents faster and in better format as compared to typewriters.The task of editing and deleting of sentences,paragraphs,spelling and grammar checking,etc are easier.

Desk Top Publishing

It is new technology but in less time it is widely used.Laser Printers which produce pages with high resolution.

Presentation Software

These software provides special graphics to exploit effects of movie. M.S.PowerPoint is a presentation tool which helps to create slides and then these slides are displayed at the time of presentation.


It is generated worksheet which consist of number of rows and columns to be filledwith any set of data and later manipulated .it is useful tool for tabulations and data analysis .For example M.S.Excel.


Adobe Photoshop software provide facilities for image editing with lots of new features.This software helps to explore your creative values.

Audio and Video Software

It is now available in digitised form and played with computer.Microsoft Media Player is easily available with Microsoft Windows.It is universal media player one can use to receive audio video in most popular formats.

Painting software

Paint is a application which is available in computer where kidsdraws sketch and paints it.One can draw simple or advanced drawing.

Communication Software

Now as the everyone uses internet so communication applications are in great demand.Zoom, Skype, Webex, Google Meet, etc helps in video conferencing.


This is the application software which helps to run world wide web or we can say internet.Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome ,etc. are few Browsers.


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