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Selection of Library Software

Selection of Library Software

Factors for Selection of Library Software:

Hardware and Operating System

The hardware required for implementing the software has to be decided in advance. The software required for running the software must be acquired. For example, Presently you are using Libsys Software and it is running on windows. Now you are switching from Libsys to Koha. Koha requires Linux operating system.


Library Automation software should perform functions like acquisition, cataloging, circulation, Online Public Access Catalogue, Serial Control, etc. If the Internet is available then WEB-OPAC.

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System Features

The Programming language which was used to develop the software also must be taken into considerations. Software developed in older programming languages like COBOL, BASIC, etc generally face problems in its maintenance, up-gradation, customization, etc. The availability of standalone /Network version suitability of the software for any particular type of library, modules, etc. is to be taken into consideration.

Selection of Library Software

Data Entry

The restriction in the total number of records in a database, the total number of databases the software can handle, MARC, CCF compatibility, facility for downloading data from external hosts and DVD ROM, databases, etc. are to be considered.


The search response time, search options, backup facilities, database security, and total performance of the system are to be considered.

Multi Script

One of the important factors, which has to be considered, is the facility for Data entry in various scripts.most of the libraries in India have a collection in any languages, so an ideal library software for Indian libraries should have multiple script acceptance.


Documentation such as Manual, Instructions, Online support, etc. are very essential for using any Library Software. It is necessary to examine to what extent the documentation is available and how is it for practical use. The manual must have a table of contents, glossary, index, examples, sample screen, etc.

Customer support

Customer support and Training other factors include the cost of the system, ease of use, warranty, availability of updated versions, etc. Most of the software companies provide training to the college staff, after they have purchased that software.

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Selection of Library Software is an important process.When you decide to automate your library then software is the basic ingredient.You have to see the configuration requirements for the library software.If you are fulfilling that requirements then only select that library software.


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