Scope of Library and Information Science

Scope of  Library and Information Science


Library and Information Science is a course available after graduation. It is available in almost all universities. Initially, the scope was limited but as the libraries are using various tools of Information Communication Technologies, Its importance has been accepted worldwide. Now due to Internet exposure students are searching these courses as it is a professional course that helps in getting jobs quickly. The Scope of Library and Information Science is very vast.
Library professionals are in great demand these days. The Libraries are getting upgraded with new technologies and so require skilled staff. Library and Information Science is a professional course, where it is studied how information is produced, evaluated, and selected, procured, organized, retrieved, disseminated, and maintained. This course studies where information is produced.
What are the sources? It is authentic and peer-reviewed. Then how the book should be selected. Dr.S.R.Ranganathan, the father of Indian Library Science said that Books for the largest numbers at the least cost..He meant that a Librarian should evaluate that information product which is relevant for large numbers.
Library Bookshelf

Scope of Library and Information Science

This profession also tells how to organize the books so that resources are retrieved very fast. How the books disseminated to users without wastage of time. This course has content more of the Technology portion as Librarians have to deal with technology to organize their resources. How that retrieval of resources is possible in a quick time.
People are very less aware of this course. They still think of traditional Librarians who used to keep the book on the shelf and fetch for readers. Keep the record in the register. But things have changed with times. A librarian is hi-tech and used to work with technologies. Gone are the days when librarians were afraid to see computers. The Scope of the Library and Information Science is very bright.
Library Legislation has passed in maximum states and so there is Libraries in all the states. There is Public, Academic, Research, Corporate, and Government Sectors where library professionals work. There is demand in all the fields. Information is required as a reference in all the sectors.
Ryerson University Library
Library professionals have to manage physical as well as online documents these days. No institution can run without this department. Library professionals in the information centers give translation services for the researchers. Those who are aspirants and want to do a library science course must have an interest in technology. So the Scope of the Library and Information Science is very good in the future.
Library professionals have to keep themselves updated. New technologies are coming after a few months and should be prepared for learning. You have to accept that technology. Lots of competitions are there as Publishers are bringing their products and they are costly. So Library professionals have to look for open sources that are free.
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Courses and Duration


1 Year


1 year


2 years  Integrated


2 Years


5 Years

Steacie Library

Some of these Indian Institutions have these courses:

1. Aligarh Muslim University

2. Banaras Hindu University

3. Delhi University

4.University of Lucknow

5. University of Calcutta

6. Gauhati University

7. Andhra University

8.Patna University

9.Jamshedpur Women’s College

10.Arunachal University

11.Panjab University

12.Goa University

13.Sambalpur University

14.Tamil University

15.Kerala University

16.Gujrat University

Course  Studied in different Semesters

First Semester

  1. Foundation of Library and Information Science
  2. Classification Theory
  3. Cataloging Theory
  4. Information Sources, System, and Networks
  5. Classification Practical
  6. Cataloging Practical

Second Semester :

  1. Fundamentals of Computer
  2. Information Storage & Retrieval
  3. Search Strategy
  4. Information Needs & Seeking behavior
  5. Computer Application Practical

Third Semester :

  1. Management of Libraries and Information Centres
  2. Research Methodology & Bibliometrics
  3. Internet and Web Resources
  4. Digital Library and Information Systems
  5. Library Software Practical

Fourth Semester :

  1. Preservation and Conservation of Library Resources
  2. Electronic Resource Management
  3. Marketing Information & Acknowledgement Management
  4. Project

Designation :

  1. Librarian
  2. Deputy Librarian
  3. Assistant Librarian
  4. Library Assistant
  5. Professional Assistant
  6. Semi-Professional Assistant
  7. Cataloguer
  8. Classifier
  9. Archivist
  10. Library and Information Officer
  11. Knowledge Manager
  12. Information Analyst
  13. Documentation Officer
  14. Scientific Technical Officer


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