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Preventive Measures for Environmental Factors



Preventive Measures for Environmental Factors is a very important issue for librarianship. The librarian should himself or appoint somebody to look after the maintenance of the library. He should visit every section of the library and inspect the cleaning process. Verbal assurance of the staff is often misleading.

So the Librarian should take out time and see whether everything is according to his expectation. It is the Librarian’s responsibility to safeguard the library resources from being getting damaged. Timely preventative measures should be taken for the preservation of Library Resources.

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Preservation is a normal process and it is done on a weekly or monthly basis. Whereas the Conservation process includes diagnosis and special treatment to the damaged material. This treatment is curative and stops further decaying of that material.

Aspects of Preservation

Preventive Measures for environmental factors mean that there is an action taken to identify any library materials being damaged. It also means that library materials should be kept in proper condition. For this, some basic methods have to be applied like good caretaking, dusting, and supervision. The librarian should take challenges of preservation.

Curative Measures mean direct treatment of the damaged library materials so that life of those materials is increased. It includes a special treatment that is required. This treatment is on an individual basis.

Preventive Measures for Environmental Factors

Well Planned Building

Firstly you have to see that the site chose for construction of library, is good or not. For that you have to see the soil. If you find termites or white ant in that soil, then it is sure that it will enter in your library someday and damage your library materials and furniture.

Ventilation in Libraries


The Library building should be designed by Architect so that buildings should be well ventilated for good circulation of air. Proper ventilation is a must for the well-being of the library documents. There would be no humidity and moisture, which is responsible for the decaying of library materials. This is one of the Preventive measures for environmental factors.

Wooden Furniture in Libraries

Good Selection of Wooden Furniture

Library Furniture should be bought in the dry season, not in the rainy season. The furniture should be treated chemically to avoid insects. Wooden furniture should be painted with good paint annually. Some wooden furniture needs special polishing. This is also one of the preventive measures for environmental factors.

Big Trees should be avoided

Big Trees should be avoided near the Library building. Their roots will damage the building foundation. Sometimes big old trees roots spread far places and if the building is near, and then there are chances of a crack in the building. Sometimes Big trees fall on the Library building or parking and lots of damage is done.

Building far from the main Road

The library Building should be far from the main road. If it is near the road then lots of dust will enter the library. This dust and dirt create serious problems in the future. They will settle on books and after humidity, the fungus will develop on it.

Protect from Sunlight

One of the preventive measures is that you should stop Sunlight from entering the library. The sun rays directly falling on the books, will damage it, as it contains ultraviolet rays. So Library windows should have dark color curtains to stop sun rays from coming inside. Green glass should be fitted in windows as it reflects sunlight.

 Air Conditioners in Libraries

Install Air Conditioning

Installing Air Conditioners is the best preventive measure for high humidity. Humidity is one of the big causes of damaging library materials. Air Conditioners will keep the temperature cool and the ideal temperature will be easily maintained. This will keep library materials in good condition.

Proper cleaning

Library Floors should be wiped daily with phenyl. This will keep mosquitoes and ants away from the floor entering the library. Table, chairs, Computers of the Library should be cleaned with dusters. Vacuum Cleaners should be used for cleaning the books as cleaning with cloths will make it dirtier.



The library is a place to study. It has huge collections of reading materials. But maintenance is a big task. You are investing lots of money in the acquisition of books and subscriptions of journals. Computers and CD ROMs are there for accessing study materials in electronic form. Methods of preservation of library materials are discussed above should be followed for safeguarding the library.

So every equipment should work, they should be kept in a dust-free environment. Lots of dust gets accumulated in the motherboard of the CPU. A vacuum cleaner can easily take it out. The library should be far from traffic and the environment should be cool. Humidity damages Library materials. You should follow preventive measures to safeguard from decaying it.



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