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Management Information System (MIS)

Management Information system


Management needs data and information to run the organization. With the advent of technology, managers have to be updated with the help of the Management Information System. The information Managers can improve the services and become more efficient with the help of the Management Information system.

Managers can gather more information and gain knowledge with the help of the Management Information system. It is a great tool that helps in decision making. This tool provides updated and accurate information whenever you require it. This tool gives almost all solutions of the problems that lead to efficiency and increased performance.

Management Information System is a vital part of every organization and seen as an essential requirement.MIS helps the organization at all levels of management. It provides information that helps in decision making and thus improves the services of the organization. Managers use this information for planning and making policy.

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Meaning of Management Information System

A management Information system is a process where information is collected, stored, and disseminated to carry out the proper functioning of the organization. This is a Tool developed with the help of Computers. This tool automates services and supports managers in decision making for the organization.

In Libraries, Librarian has a Library management system. In other organizations, they use Decision Support Systems, Expert Systems, and Executive Information Systems. The name is different but the function is the same. Management Information system involves three elements, namely Management, Information, and systems.

Management is the skill, which a manager utilizes in the process of functioning of the organization. The skill of management is developed by the manager after gaining knowledge and experience. Management helps in Planning and operating the organization.

Information is an important component of MIS. It is treated as a valuable part for the growth and development of the organization. Information is processed data that helps in decision making.

A system is a set of elements that are combined together for achieving objectives. All three elements are interrelated and integrated.

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Need for Management Information System

Management Information system gives you the required information. After analyzing this information you can take correct decisions. So this information retrieved from MIS is very effective in decision making which ultimately helps in the development of the organization. Every organization needs Management Information System and it is essential for their growth. There is an information explosion and so to manage information, MIS is required.

Role of MIS

MIS helps in collecting, processing, Storage, and disseminating information. This information may be a transaction, financial, performance reports generated from MIS. These reports are retrieved from large volumes of data. These retrieved data helps in better planning and implementation strategy.

Management Information System

Sources of Information for MIS

The sources of information are of two types like Internal and External Information. The Internal information is transaction details of books in Libraries, cash flow in banks, order, and sales reports. This information is already in the organization’s MIS.

The external information is gathered like market trends, mailing lists, company publications, and industry catalogs. It is not stored in the organization’s MIS permanently. This external information is helpful in decision making.

Features of Management Information system

Information retrieved can be manipulated according to the requirements.

The information is analysed by different ways.

The related information is evaluated.

The information supports in decision making.

MIS can be used coneevntiently.

Saves the Manager from overload of information

Functions of Management Information System

It helps managers and executives of the organization in decision making

MIS has large volume of information and retrieves the desired information.

MIS is a database of information developed by managers.

The data is analysed and manipulated by different techniques.

It handles complex data.

Objectives of Management Information System

Data is captured from different sources of information. It may be from internal and external sources.

MIS provides information after processing in required format.

It stores processed and unprocessed data for future use, if not used immediately.

Information is retrieved from MIS database.

MIS helps in decision making in short time.

Types of Management Information Systems

Executive Support System

Management Support Systems

Decision Support systems

Knowledge work systems

Office Automation Systems

Transaction Processing Systems

Management Information System

Elements required to Setup MIS


First thing is that you have to check the existing hardware of your organization. You have to see that the hardware configuration is compatible with your MIS. You have to acquire hardware according to requirements for the installation of MIS.


For the installation of MIS software, you have to check the operating system. Does it compatible with Windows or Linux. You have to do software testing after installation. It is costly also.


The organization should have skilled workers. They should be trained enough to handle the Management Information System. They should be Information Professionals.


MIS supporting staff should update software from time to time. Then only MIS will function smoothly otherwise error will show while using from time to time. Maintenance also involves charges, when done by MIS Developers.


Management Information System is an integrated computerized program. It helps to find information. It supports you in decision making. Monitoring is easy. It is user-friendly and the user is satisfied.MIS helps in trend analyzing and forecasting becomes possible.

MIS is also used in Libraries and Information Organisations.MIS enables management support. Sometimes there is a failure of MIS due to lack of professionals standards and lack of Teamwork.MIS is also an expensive affair for libraries since they have a limited budget.


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