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Introduction – Library Software Management

The first thing comes in our mind that why and how Library Software management is used. Every sector is being automated. Industries were made automated and manufacturing got better with time. So why the services sector will lag behind. The invention of the computer was a turning point. As the computer was upgraded and it got better with each passing day. Gradually Computer made a place in everybody’s lives. It made bigger changes in the manufacturing and services sectors.

As you know Library is one sector where each academician has to go through the difficulties while retrieving information so you have to implement Library Automation Software. The collection increases with times and so you have to organize it. But doing all these things manually is not possible.

History of Library  Software Management

The computer was brought in the library to manage the collection and provide better services. So Software development started in the field of library and information science in 1964 when INSDOC developed an alphabetization program for Union Catalogue of Scientific Serials for running on the IBM 1620 model available at IIT Kanpur. So the development process got initiated at other institutions. Government and private companies started developing software to automate libraries to increase the retrieving of the resources.

They wanted to achieve efficiency in library management through Library Software. It also helped to improve the existing library services and introduce new library services. Library Automation Software avoided duplication of the work and provided services to users effectively. The ultimate benefit of using Library Software was to save the time of the users.

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Library automation

Need for Library Software

The main motive of Libraries is to make information available in a convenient form at the right time. The following are the reasons for automating the libraries :

Information Explosion

As you know there is an information explosion. The amount of information is published increased exponentially. The growth of the rate of information is quite high in the field of science and technology and medicine. The researches are going and so publishing is quite high.

Space Saving

Every Library faces a shortage of space at one time and moves to new buildings but that is also not sufficient after a few years. The application of computers would reduce the pressure on this front of storage. Most of the documents can be digitized and stored in computers. This will help to reduce the space, which is occupied by hard copy.


Dr.S.R.Ranganathan’s fifth law says “Save the time of user”.If computers are made available in Libraries, databases will be created and thus retrieval of documents will be quick and thus time will be saved.

Availability of Information in Electronic Form

Due to the tremendous growth in information technology, the quality of information produced in the electronic form increased rapidly. Now many journals are switching from paper format to digital format. I used to subscribe Journals from the Indian Academy of Sciences but from this year 2020, they switched to digital format.


Automation of the library results in the saving of money in long-range. It will reduce the cost of library operations.

Data Manipulations

The information once entered for one function can be used for other functions like citation analysis, subject index, bibliographies in classified order, etc. The same data can be used any number of times with the same speed and accuracy.

The exploitation of Computer Readable databases

The application of information technology can exploit for better advantage, the computer-based database services, and internet resources.


Library Software Management is an important part of our Library. These days every library wants to be automated. So their interest arose to know about library Software Management. You have to know why you need Library Software Management and what are your requirements. Open Source Library Software Management is also available and Commercial is also there. It is Up to you to decide which to choose.


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