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Library Automation and Housekeeping Operations


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Introduction – Library Automation

Library Automation is an essential part of every Library. In this Modern era, how can a librarian think of running a library without implementing Library Software? It helps in the productivity and efficiency of work. The Library collections grow with time and difficult to manage manually. So Library Automation software is required to help users find the required documents on time.
User especially those who are researchers are very busy and if visits the library and not able to find then he is not going to visit again. Library Software helps in all sections of the library to keep it updated. Almost all Library Automation Software has the same modules which help the librarian and user to retrieve information.

Modules of Library Automation  Software 


The Acquisition modules deal with the selection and ordering of library materials. It also provides bills for payment and helps in the analysis of the budget. The following functions mentioned below :
  • Initiate Titles for ordering- Users request for ordering the Titles of documents to the Librarian. Then Librarian checks for the recommended title that how many copies are that are available in the library. If it is available, then there is no need to renter data for additional copies.
  • Approval Process – Librarian has to generate a list of each title for approval and how many copies approved. Budget analysis done at the time of approval.
  • Placing Order – After approval of management, the order is placed. The print order can be generated through this module or can be sent online through email. Amendment or Cancellation of an order can be done through this module.
  • Receiving – Now you can record the details of items received.
  • Invoice Processing – Generate invoice for the order of received materials. Now you can change unit price, discount, exchange rates if any foreign material is procured. The accession number is generated. You are kept updated on order status, Titles ordered, Received, and accessioned. You can update your funds.
  • Payments Requisition – Generate requisition for the account section, for making payment to the vendor.
  • Order Follow Up – For left titles or an entire order, a reminder is done.
  • Reports – Generate reports for the purchase order, budget analysis, list of titles ordered, list of new arrivals, etc.

Cataloging system 

  • Maintaining In Process File – This lists titles entered through the Acquisition system but yet to be cataloged.
  • cataloged Production – Bibliographic data may be imported or entered. Bibliographic data can be updated for various materials. Data entered directly also not coming from the Acquisition system. Editing features or downloading facility of data.
  • Catalog maintenance -data removal.
  • Thesaurus construction- for generating keywords
  • Bar code Printing – Facilities to generate bar codes
  • Authority Files – for the authors, publishers, subject headings, and keyword
  • Holding Summary and Updates-
  • Catalogue Cards- print catalog cards
  • Spine Slips – Print class number. 

Library Automation

Circulation Section 

  • Issue and Return – issue,renewal,return,reserve,hold of documents.Use of barcode and RFID facility.
  • Membership Records Keeping – Membership updates are done. Generate an ID card with a barcode. Issue of the duplicate card.
  • Overdue and Follow up reminders – Generate overdue reminders.
  • Stock Verification – Generates a list of collections of the library.
  • Transaction Log – maintains a record of the transactions on daily basis. 

Serials Control 

  • New subscription of Journal- Approval process and order.
  • Subscription Renewal – Renewals are done.
  • Receiving Issues – records issues by volume issue or date.
  • Reminders- missing issues
  • Binding management – alerts when serial is ready for binding.
  • Recording of Bound Volumes – update the collection after binding.
  • circulation -circulation of bound or loose issue.



OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue )

  • Simple Searching
  • Boolean Searching
  • Advanced Searching
  • Additional Search
  • Browse
  • Patrons

You can read more on Library Automation by visiting this website.


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