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After completion or in the midst of completing the course you have to apply for job and do interview preparation. The main motive after studies is that you have to do something to earn your bread. Someone who is born with a golden spoon. They don’t have to struggle for a job. Their parents have already a settled business. He just has to join and nothing much to do.
Their parents are there to make decisions for the company and in this while he learns how to handle the tricky issues. But those children whose father is doing service, have to study and find a suitable job to settle down in life. You have to keep in mind that only your knowledge will let you a good job. After completing your qualifying examination you have to make a good resume.
When you receive a letter of the interview, you get nervous but try to focus on the interview preparation. Keep in mind that this is a great opportunity and you are not going to miss it. Now I am going to mention below the  tips :
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Things to do for Interview preparation



Check the Website

You have to check the website of the company or organization. Look about the details how its function. Who is associated with that company? Lots of fake companies are putting advertisements. Now check what services do it provides to their clients. Which companies are their clients? If you got a letter for the post of Librarian?
Check which library software they are using? Which software for the institutional repository they are using? You will get an idea about the library and its services. You will now train yourself for that interview. Get information about that software. How does it work? To learn better about those things which you think valuable for that interview.

Prepare your Dress for the interview

Make ready a pair of dress for the interview preparation. You should look like a professional. You can’t go in jeans or a party shirt. That will make a negative impression because of your dress. The dress makes or breaks the impression.

It will give a message of a non-seriousness attitude to the hiring manager. It should have a formal uniform. Wear a simple dress like a plain white or light blue shirt with dark blue or black trousers. Wear a tie that will look like a professional.

Wear a black belt and black leather well-polished shoes. The girls should also wear a white shirt and dark skirt for the western outfit. In the Indian scenario, you wear simple salwar kameez or sari. A simple dress is more dressed in the corporate and service sector. So it is necessary that you take proper care of your dress.

Photocopy all your Certificates

Sometimes it is a walk-in interview and so you have not sent any documents before. You photocopy all documents and then keep them in a file. The sequence should be like the qualifying documents should be on top. If you are not keeping it in order than you are going to face the trouble of searching. At times if you are in hurry you don’t find the right document at right time. A resume copy is very necessary. Make a habit of taking two copies of each document.

Keep in file Original as well as photocopies separately. Keep a set of two or three passport size photos. You should carry a stapler along with its pin and fevicol for pasting photographs. You will be provided a form at the place of the interview to fill your details and staple your documents. The photo has to be pasted there.

Visit the Venue one day before

If you are an outsider, I mean from another city, then visit the interview venue one day before. From this, you will get an idea, about how much time it will take to reach that place. Which will be good for you, a car or bus to reach that place. You will prepare yourself by calculating that time. You will not be late in reaching that place. Even you can miss the interview for coming late.

Inform at the Reception Desk about your visit

Whenever you reach the interview spot, you inform the reception that you have come for an interview. They will give you a form or inform the hiring manager. Sometimes people go and sit there without informing. Sometimes happen that you have not put your details at the venue’s register. The formalities have to be done.

Body Language

Your body language is an important factor in deciding that you are fit for that job. If you are nervous, then whole preparation goes in vain. you have sweat on your forehead and palms. The hiring manager is experienced, they notice how you enter into the room. Your gesture is enough to tell you are confident or nervous. How do you wish them? How do you sit at the chair?

Do you take permission to sit on the chair? Eye Contact is an important factor. If one expert asks some questions, you have to answer seeing all the experts. Don’t neglect other experts of the panelist. If you are having eye contact with each and every expert this will have positive effects. It shows you are confident and well mannered. You can handle stressful moments at the workplace.

How Questions are to  be  Answered

When questions are put, give relevant answers. Don’t make a story. The experts know who are making stories. Whatever you have mentioned in Resume, you should know it. On trick, you can do is that when you are explaining any topic like how library software works in libraries, at that you can name a company that handles these works and stops it. Then the expert will ask about that company and which software you were talking about.

What are the features and cost? In which way it is going to help in proving library services? So you can turn your interview in your court. You should know the latest trends in that field. If you don’t know any question just ask them an excuse for that move on. Don’t give the wrong answer and try to convince experts. Brush your basic concepts and that will give good results. Be polite with the panelist. Have a smile on your face while answering questions.

Never talk about the previous company’s conflict

You don’t talk about the misadventures of your previous employer. This will give a bad impression of you. They will think you are the person who creates conflict. So don’t talk about any negative issues. Give some good reasons why you are leaving that company and intend to join this company.




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