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What are Input and Output Devices of Computer


Introduction of  Input and Output Devices

Input and Output Devices are called peripherals. It is used in a wider sense. An Input device helps in conveying instructions and converts that data into a pattern of electrical signals in binary code that are complex and comprehensive. An output device reverses the process and converting the digitized signals. In Computing Input and output is the medium to communicate between the information processing system and the outside the system.
Inputs are the signals sent to the system. It receives the data and processes it. After processing the signal is sent through the output device. An input device is any hardware component that allows users to enter data into the computer. The output device can produce the final product after processing by computer. That processed data is usable by humans.
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Some of the Input Devices are:

Input and Output Devices

1. Keyboard

The keyboard is the most common input device used. The data and instructions are fed into the computer with the help of a keyboard. The message or instruction typed on the keyboard reaches the memory unit of the computer. In a Desktop computer, Keyboard is connected through a USB cable, but in Laptop it is assembled together. The keyboard is very much similar to the keyboard of a Typewriter.
The keyboard consists of Alphabets keys, numerical keys, special character keys, Function keys, and some control Keys. When keys are pressed, an electronic signal is produced. Some keyboards have multimedia buttons for volume control, CD player control, Copy, Paste, etc. have been given. These days wireless cable is available as its access is easy.
Input and Output Devices

2. Mouse

It’s a pointing device. The mouse is rolled over the mouse pad and then it moves the cursor. We can drag the mouse to move the cursor to the required place. The modern mouse is an optical mouse. An optical mouse contains a Camera, light-emitting diode (LED). The led illuminates the lower portion of the mouse. There is a wireless mouse called cordless mouse also. It uses RF (Radio Frequency signal).
What are  Input and Output Devices of Computer

3. Scanner

Scanners are used to scan any material which was born in paper format into digitized format. It converts printed copy into soft copy. It can be a written, typed, or image. It is manipulated by a computer. There are different types of scanners that are like Optical scanner, Magnetic-ink Character readers.
What are  Input and Output Devices of Computer

4. Trackballs

 It is a pointing device, which contains a ball, which rotates in any direction. It is used in Laptop. The user slides the finger in a different directions to move the cursor on the screen.
What are  Input and Output Devices of Computer

5. Light Pen

 It is also a pointing device. It is used to select a displayed menu option on the CRT Monitor. It is a photosensitive pen-like device. It is used to draw lines or figures on the screen. It can be used for graphics work. A user can draw directly on the CRT screen provided with a CAD package.
What are  Input and Output Devices of Computer

6. Bar Code Reader

 This device reads bar codes on any product and converts them into electronic signals to be processed. Bar Code Reader emits red light when its switch is put on while reading the bar code on any product. A bar code is a format where data is encoded in black and white bars.

What are  Input and Output Devices of Computer

7. Voice Input system

 This device converts spoken words to machine language. A microphone is an important to output device used to convert human speech into electric signals.
What are  Input and Output Devices of Computer

8. Digital Camera

It converts graphics directly into digital form. It has no films, just looks like an ordinary camera, but there is CCD (Changed Coupled Divide) Electronics Chip inside which is used. The Digital camera just collects whatever object is there and its image is captured.

Some Output devices are :

What are  Input and Output Devices of Computer

1. Monitor

It is the most important part of the computer. It is an electronic device having an LED light. When the user puts input data through the keyboard, we can see the output on the monitor screen. The monitor is a plug and plays unit. Only a power cord adaptor is required to use the monitor. Previously CRT Monitor was used, Then TFT (Thin Film Transistors), now LED (Light Emitting Diode) monitors are used.
What are  Input and Output Devices of Computer

2 .Printer

It is commonly used in Offices. It is also an important output device. The printer helps us to print any information in a permanent Readable format. They produce the output of results, programs, and data. The following types of printers are Dot Matrix, Ink Jet, and Laser Printers.
What are  Input and Output Devices of Computer

3. Speaker

Sound is the output that we get after running multimedia. Speakers are attached to computers so that we get sound from the sound.
What are  Input and Output Devices of Computer


It is also one of the output devices. It also converts the electronic signal into sound. It is attached through USB cable or these days wireless headphones or earphones are available.


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