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How to develop effective Presentation Skills

Effective Presentation

Every student, especially pursuing professional courses has to develop presentation skills but all of them don’t know How to give an effective presentation. In a wider term, you can say that it is a speech, and it can be given anywhere, maybe at Office, Class, Workshop, Seminar, webinar, etc.

But for effective presentation, you have to make step by step planning and preparation. At your presentation, the audience who has come to listen to you should be satisfied. In this article, you will get to know how an effective presentation is given.

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Main Elements of Presentation

In general terms, you can say that presentation is a way to communicate your thoughts and share your views. Now I am going to discuss the following elements of the Presentation.


The main thing for the presentation is that you have to final a Topic. Now you have to collect information on that topic. Now you have to know where and which occasion you are going to do a presentation. You have to be mentally prepared for it. Doing a presentation at a small room with a few audiences is easy but when it is a large hall, it seems different.

You have to see that, you are familiar with the place and audience. You visit early at the venue of the presentation so that you get familiar yourself with the place and setting of the stage. The audience group also matters. There should be some audience to cheer you and for that, you have to build rapport with them. You have to see what equipments are available there and what you are going to use.


The main task of the Presenter is to communicate with the audience. You have to interact with them while doing the presentation otherwise they may lose interest. You have to keep tracking their moods.


The audience is the end-user. Whatever the presentation is organized, the audience feedback will tell you that it was a success or a flop show. As it is better to have a targeted audience so that they may be from the same professional background or audience having some bent of mind towards that topic. The audience’s knowledge also matters, how they perceive the presentation and understand it.


The information which is delivered to the audience at the presentation. The message conveyed to the audience is not just words but through body language also. The audience expectation also matters when they perceive the message. You have to check, whether you performed up to their expectation.


The success of your presentation depends on how you interacted and communicated your message to the audience. If people have lots of expectations from you and you do not meet their expectations then somewhere the reaction of the audience will not be positive.


How you will do a presentation. Will it be Offline or Online? These days most of the presentation is done online. These presentations are recorded also and kept on YouTube for viewers.

How to develop effective Presentation Skills

Tips for How to give an effective presentation

Dress Professionally

I f you are going to give a presentation, and then you have to look like a professional. Your clothes should reflect it. Appearance speaks louder than voice. So your appearance matters too much here. If you want to attract an audience you have to look as a Presenter, different from others. The dress also boosts confidence and so you will seek their attention.

Show your Passion for that Presentation

First thing is that be relaxed and try to connect with the audience. You show that you have a passion for that subject. Your confidence reflects through your body language. Don’t be nervous and keep calm. Let the audience know how this presentation is going to benefit you. They should be realized about the importance of that presentation. Show enthusiasm while giving a presentation.

Focus on Audience Requirements

When you are going to do a presentation, try to understand audience needs and what they want to know. While doing a presentation stick to your topic. Don’t deviate from the main topic. Check what response you are getting and according to it, you do the presentation.

If they are clapping and cheering then you should understand that they are happy the way you are presenting. Keep the momentum in that direction. You see whether the audience is following you are not. Make it simple for them to understand. Make the session interactive and see, how the audience responds.

Focus on the Main Topic of the Presentation

You have to be well prepared and so concentrate on your main topic. Initially, you have to explain why you choose this topic and why it is important for them. The audience has to know the scope and benefits of participating in that presentation. Some presenters advertise before the due date of presentation with some key points. What you are going to gain and lose if not participating. So at the time of presentation, you repeat that thing and then focus on your main topic.

Body Language

It is very much necessary as every one notices you. Every action is being watched. You have to keep smiling and make eye contact with your audience. These things are necessary to make a good rapport with the audience. They get connected to you and so your presentation. It helps you in keeping calm. It is not so easy to give a presentation in front of unknown people, but when you talk with people, you will gradually feel relax.

Body Language sends signals to your audience about your mental attitude. So you have to be alert so that the right message is sent through your body language. You should avoid crossed arms, hands in your pockets, and holding your hands behind.

Studies on body language state that 50% of communication is non-verbal. While Presentation, how you stand, your facial expressions, the way you use your hands and eye contact, matters a lot. Non-verbal communication is the one which is reflecting real views rather than their words.

So think about your body language. How you want to be seen while doing the presentation. What message you want to send to your audience. These things matter a lot so you need rehearsal and practice before actually going for a presentation.

Be Confident

The beginning is very important. This is the time to make or break. If you keep yourself under control everything will gradually be fine and your performance will be appreciated. So the first thing is to go on stage,  wish every dignitaries and participant. Have a light conversation with them. Then these things will give positive signals to your mind. The confidence will reflect during your presentation.

How to develop effective Presentation Skills

Importance of 10-20-30- Rules for Presentation

This is a great tip from Mr. Guy Kawasaki of Apple Company. He suggests the presenters regarding slideshows.

It should contain no more than 10 MS PPT Slides.

The Presentation should last no more than 20 minutes

You should use a font size of no less than 30 point

The First Slides should be about you, your contact, and topic details. Then the Introduction, Definition, and other things about the topic are followed. The last slide should be saying thanks to the audience for listening to you.

There should not be too much information in a single slide. The points should be there with having bullets. The presenter is going to describe it and so each slide should be explained maximum for two minutes. Then only going to finish in twenty minutes. As far as my experiences say you will get 10 to 15 minutes for presentation has there is less time as the number of participants increases.

Tell Stories in place of Examples

As you know human beings respond to our stories. While the presentation, you have to explain something. For example, when I was presenting the Use of Whatsapp in Libraries, I told how I had made a WhatsApp group of my library and how my college colleagues responded.

I also told how my other friend librarians made the group and how they are using. So the main thing I wanted to tell you that you have to talk about some interesting things related to that presentation topic. This will help you in getting the audience attention. These interactions will keep them engaged and thus they will not feel a dull presentation.

Role of your Voice

The Role of your voice has a great impact on your presentation. The first thing is that whatever you are speaking should be clear. The Clarity of your voice is very important. The second thing is the speed should not be very fast. Some people talk very fast. So listeners will not be able to follow it.

so speak slowly with clarity. Third thing is that some people volume is very low and some have a high pitch. So both have to control their volume so that audience can follow them. Fourth thing is that you should pause in between presentation before important points. This will give you attention.

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Fifth Thing is that you should choose the words which you can pronounce easily. Some people for getting a good impression use those words which they can’t pronounce easily and get stuck to those words. The sixth important tip is always to use a shorter sentence, as it is easy to understand and you can explain also in different words.

So your voice reflects your hesitation and confidence level. The Body Language gets changed according to your voice. I will say your voice say lots of thing about your personality.

Be Calm and Relax

This is the mantra which everybody follows it. First thing is that you have to sleep early before the day of the presentation. This sleep is very important is keeping your body and mind in a relaxed position. If you have to give a presentation outstation then make planning so that you reach one day before your presentation. You go and see the arrangements and get familiar with it.

If you are not healthy then the nervousness can be heightened. Avoid any stimulants ( Alcohol, Coffee, Tea ) before presentations. Some things will make you drowsy and some will keep you awake the whole night. So get proper sleep and be in a good state of mental health. Do some exercise which will help you in releasing stress.

Be Relaxed. Do Meditation and practice deep breathing. Do Rehearsal for your presentation in front of your family or friends. If nobody is there then do it in front of the mirror.

Things to do when you are Nervous

If you feel nervous before the presentation, then do the following things mentioned below.

Practice Deep Breathing – If you take deep breathing, your brain will get oxygen and you will feel relaxed. So the irregular voice gets better.

Drink Water- Adrenalin, a hormone released when you are nervous, makes your mouth dry. So drink a glass of water before the presentation and in midst of the presentation also.

Chewing Gum- This Chewing gum also helps you to be relaxed before the presentation. But don’t chew in between presentation.

Dealing with Question Answer Session

Some Presenters dread to take the question as they have an excuse that they have to attend another program. But most of them take questions happily and few have limited question options. But you don’t avoid questions. You try your best to explain. Keep yourself in place of the audience and think that you have sent a question in the chatbox or raised your hand, and your question is not taken, you will feel neglected.

So you have to master the skills of answering questions. Never be rude to the audience and show that you got upset due to that question. Never lose temper or argument with the audience. These things will create a negative image.

Listen carefully and answer it. Try to repeat the question so that everybody will hear that question and then answer it. You have to take lots of questions so answer briefly. Some presenters take a lot of time in explaining one question and then leave another question due to a shortage of time.

Don’t pretend that you know everything. If any question is asked and by the way you don’t know, then just refer any other expert who is in that panel of experts or say that you email me, I will let you know after the presentation.

Don’t try to give the wrong answer as it will tarnish your image. Nobody knows how much-qualified people are sitting in the audience.

Get Feedback

After the presentation, the Feedback Form is sent through registered emails or in between the presentation in the chatbox. So whatever the audience has written you should not take it negatively rather think that you have got the opportunity to improve yourself.

If the feedback is very impressive give yourself a treat and enjoy it. This will boost your confidence. This treat will feel you special and think that this is a reward as your achievement is recognized by the audience.


So I have tried to explain How to give an effective presentation. You will get to know the techniques and tips useful while preparing the presentation. It is part of Professional life. One should take part in programs and give a presentation, as it will help you in your professional career.



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