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Functions of Management

Functions of Management


Every organization has to follow the functions of management, then only you can achieve success. Management is the executive whose important function is to carry out the policy. Henry Fayol, a French Industrialist wrote a treatise named “General and Industrial Administration”.He had long experience as an administrator.

Henry Fayol gave five functions of administration, namely, to plan, to organize, to command, to coordinate, and to control. Newman and Summer had given the following functions of management like planning, Organising, Leading, Measuring, and controlling.

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Stueart and Moran had given the following five functions of management namely, planning, Organizing, Human resource, Leading, and Controlling. Luther Gulick and Lyndall Urwick had formulated seven functions of management and developed an acronym as “POSDCORB”.

Functions of Management



For planning, you need knowledge of that subject along with the experience. Planning means setting goals and to achieve those goals you have to outline the objectives. The outlines or strategy will improve work quality. It will maximize work quantity at minimum cost. The planning is done to produce more output with minimum input.

Planning helps us to avoid wastage of resources rather than trying to utilize the resources available. In the context of the Library, the planning should be done in such a way that the services are effective and users get satisfied. Planning is the important function of a manager or Librarian so that careful planning leads to the fulfillment of the user’s requirements.


Organizing is one of the important functions of management. It guides you to organize the structure of the organization to achieve the goals. The work is defined and coordinated. A logical framework is assigned for specific activities. The staff is brought together and organized effort will bring good results.

In Library, the resources are stored in an organized way according to the classification number. If things are not organized then it will difficult to retrieve resources. So in the library context, Organising is an important function of management, which helps in managing all types of Libraries.


This function of management is also called Human Resource Management or Personnel management. All organization works depend on skilled and qualified staff. The recruiting policies should be well implemented then only you will get good staff, which is necessary for running an organization efficiently.

The librarian should be knowledgeable and qualified enough to see that his staff is trained enough to understand the needs of users. The staff of the library should be competent enough to lead the library services and guide the users. A library has all the collections and infrastructure but the not qualified staff, then everything is useless.


It means that there should be some authority to give directives or instructions to the staff so that they can perform the work efficiently. Directives are necessary at some point, where staff faces some problem during work, and they require suggestion.

In Libraries, the Librarian is the authority to give directives to his subordinates. The Librarian divides the work for different sections of the library. Now the staff needs guidance during the work in some extraordinary situations. At this time librarian or Library manager finds a solution for them. Library work is concerned with technical work, continuously and so timely decision making is required and Librarian is there to help them.



It is one of the relevant functions of management. Leadership is one such quality that is required to manage any organization. He will coordinate with all the staff of different sections so that work goes smoothly. Managers help to resolve issues and coordinates staff in various parts of the organization for having a harmonious environment.

In Library also coordination is required so that there is no confusion related to work. If the librarian wants all staff to contribute in a systematic way then he should call meetings frequently. He should ask every staff of rheir pronlems related to work.This will bring end to confusion and duplication work.


This is one of the functions of management that keeps managers informed about the task given to them and how much they have completed. The information on the progress of work is necessary. It is a good practice to report the progress and performance of work by the supervisors. Managers want updated information.

In Libraries, Librarians need reports of the work given to the subordinates. This will help him to make proper records of the work performed by their staff submit to higher authorities. Reporting helps authorities about the performance of the staff.



It is another important function of management. Budget is made in every organization. It is a rough estimate of income and expenditure for the coming financial year. The organization has to follow that allotted money for different departments.No organization can function efficiently without adequate finance.

Libraries are one such organization where funds is limited. So careful planning is required so that the allotted budget is utilized in the proper way. The preference should be given to important requirements and necessities of the Library.Librarians should convince the authorities about the requirements of libraries. He should maintain proper statistics of income and expenditure of the library.


The functions of management is important from the aspects of every organisation.Planning is the function of management where they determine the goals.Organising of the structure is necessary for the organisation.Skilled Staff is an asset of an organisation and helps in proper functioning.So proper recruitment of staffing should be done.

Directing is also one of the important functions of management. Without proper directions, sometimes efforts are wasted. Coordinating among staff is done by the manager so that good output comes. Reporting is a necessary activity to keep authorities informed. Budgeting is an important ingredient for running an organization.

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