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Features of Web Browser

Features of Web Browser

Concept of Web Browser

Browser generally pronounced for Web Browser is application software used by computers to locate, and access web pages. Features of Web Browsers help you to decide which web browser is best for you. Web Browsers that allow us to view images, text, videos, and listen to audios on different websites. The Browser sends signals to the web server and requests for information. The web server receives the information and displays on our computer.

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Web Browser helps us to access the World Wide Web smoothly. All Web Browsers are not created in the same language and so all web pages are not displayed the same in different browsers. Examples of Browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Netscape, etc.

Basic functions of the web browser

  • Web Browser function of the web browser is to provide the resources or information to the user when asked by them.
  • It processes the user inputs in the form of URL like https://www.google.com in the browser and allows the access to the page.
  • URL is used to identify the resources and fetch them from the server and displays it to the client.
  • Web Browser allows the user to interact with the web pages and its contents.
  • Users navigate through the web pages and gets to know its source code in the HTML Format.
  • It provides security to the data and the resources that are available on the web that is by using secure methods.
Firefox  Web Browser

Features of Firefox

Browsing made Easy

Web browser helps you to visit your favorite sites quickly even if you don’t remember the URL address. You Type your term into the search location bar and the auto complete function will include possible matches from your browsing history and open tabs.


Browse multiple sites at once, simply and easily. Each new website appears in a new tab. If you accidently closed tab or window, you can reopen it in one click .Just view Recently Closed Tabs or Recently Closed Windows in the history menu and select the tab or window you would like to open.

Password Manager              

You are fed up of remembering and retyping your passwords every time you visit your favorite website. Firefox has option to remember passwords when you first log in after that Firefox takes care of the rest.

Easy Search

The Web is a big place but Firefox is ready to help you in finding whatever you are looking for Search Box is located just to the right of your location bar. Select the Services of your choice and enter your search box and it will prompt you with a drop down of filled in suggestions.

Previous Restore Session

Session Restore brings back your windows and tabs. If your computer unexpectedly closes, you don’t have to spend time recovering data. Session restore will restore all the tabs and sites you were using.

One Click Bookmarking

You have to click on the star icon at the end of the location bar and bookmark a site. You double click and you will get option to save it.

Download Manager

Download files securely. A pause and resume means you can stop and start anytime. The manager shows you download progress.

Parental Controls

You activate parental control settings, to stop unwanted downloads and browsing unwanted websites. By this feature you can protect children from accessing adult websites.

Private Browsing

You can use a private window, if you want to protect your browsing history. This feature is great if you are doing your online banking on a shared computer or checking mail from an Internet Café.

Anti Virus Integration

Firefox integrates with your windows antivirus software. At the time of downloading a file, your computer antivirus software automatically checks it and protects your files against viruses and malware.

Windows Internet Explorer

Features of Internet Explorer

Tracking Protection

Internet Explorer has taken lead in privacy related issue of Tracking Protection. Users can adjust their block lists that recommend blocking. You can turn on Tracking Protection from the safety menu.

HTML’s Location

Microsoft has posted a demo that locates you. For Privacy, a warning notification let you choose whether you want to share your location.

Tabs on their own row

The new design of Internet Explorer 9 helps in maximizing the space allotted to the web page you are viewing. The Browser allows you to give all your tabs in their own row.

Repeat One Box Searches

IE 9 combines the address and search boxes into what Microsoft calls the “One Box”.

Less Intrusive Notifications

As in the IE9 notifications have moved to the bottom of the screen, whereas IE 8 these notifications were at the top bar of the window. Now if a non-essential notification appears it will withdraw after a brief periods

RSS Feed Reader

Spending hours browsing the web for the latest news and updates then instead add an RSS Feed icon to your toolbar and create feeds using an online web service. Feeds provide updated website content that is subscribed.

Phishing Filter

You can send a list of suspicious Website addresses to Microsoft for checking it whether it is a phishing website. This filter can be turned on for automatic website checking. About 70% of Social networking websites attempt to acquire information, password, and credit card details. Phishing attacks target Bank’s online payment. So this filters checks and stops online crimes.


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