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Environmental factors affecting Library materials

Environmental factors affecting Library materials


Environmental factors affecting Library materials should be conserved and preserved. A Library is the repository of knowledge. This is the institution that collects, organizes,s, and disseminates knowledge. Libraries play a great role in reforming society. The library is an important institution that needs special attention.

People spent lots of money on the maintenance of their homes, just like that you have to allocate a budget annually for the maintenance of Libraries. The library resources if damaged are irreplaceable. You won’t get those materials in the market. The holdings of the library are the heritage of mankind.

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You have to conserve and preserve the decaying studying materials available in Libraries. It is the duty of Librarians to give proper attention to the deteriorating condition of the library. They should act on time so that more damage is avoided. They are responsible and so they should handle it with care. The librarian should be aware of the environmental factors affecting library materials.

Most of the Library materials are in paper form or can say organic in nature, which are susceptible to natural decay. The binding materials like a board, leather, cloth, thread, ink, adhesive, etc are foods to some micro living organisms. So special care is required from time to time so that it does not fell prey to these living organisms.

Causes of Deterioration of Library Materials

Changes take place at every stage at every place to any object. It may be living or non-living things. Environmental factors affecting library materials sooner or later. You have to know how do environmental factors influence the growth of organisms. Check what things cause the deterioration of records in libraries.

Analysis has to be done on how the deterioration is taking place in Libraries.The materials are damaged,having shrinkage,cracks,brittleness,warping,discoloration,hole,etc. These are easily seen in library materials. Dust and Dirt also plays a great role in the deterioration of library materials.

List of Environmental Factors

Tube Lights in Libraries


Sun Light is a gift of God and necessary to human beings. Doctors say that sunlight should reach every corner of your place where you live. But this sunlight when falls on library materials gets damaged. It has adverse effects on the books. The Ultraviolet radiation of light causes serious bad effects on written or printed materials.

Chemical reactions take place when the paper is exposed to sunlight. The paper becomes brittle and easily breaks. The paper ink fades due to sunlight. The paper becomes hard and breaks at the slightest touch. Sunlight is one of the Environmental factors affecting library materials.

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Artificial Light like LED Light or fluorescent tube light also emits large amounts of ultraviolet rays which deteriorates the paper. The paper becomes yellowish and tanned. This also damages the library material. So these library materials should not be placed too close to these artificial bulbs.

The Books shelf should be arranged in such a way that the sun does not fall directly on books. You should check the intensity of light and the duration of exposure. How long it is exposed to the sun. That intensity and duration play a great role in deterioration. These things are generally overlooked, but when the damage is already done, then you realize it.


The library environment should be cool, then only materials will be protected. Heat is also one of the Environmental factors affecting library materials. Heat is also one of the culprits which makes the life of books very short. The binding gets damaged due to humidity. Heat is measured in Centigrade and Fahrenheit.

High temperature and high humidity pave the way for the growth of molds. These molds damage the materials. When the user touches that book, it tends to crumble. Heat is generated by an electric bulb and tubes. Most of the places powerful bulbs are used in Libraries and they generate more heat.

Lots of Environmental factors affecting library materials. Heat plays a crucial role. In summer more than 45 Degree Celsius is measured and these variations of temperature are bad for the library. High temperature accelerates the rate of deterioration of library materials.

Humidity and Moisture

Humidity and Moisture are the environmental factors affecting Library materials.35% Relative humidity is normal for Library. Humidity is the moisture that is found in the air. Water is absorbed by the objects, which is in the air. When there is high humidity, Library materials absorb it.

Too much humidity makes the materials absorb more water, ultimately it makes it soggy. These moisture weakens the fibers of the paper. These moistures weaken the bindings of the books and it becomes loose. The ink and printing gets spread out. The pages gets stuck together due to excess moisture.

Humidity one of the environmental factors affecting library materials. Humidity and moisture pave the way for the growth of fungus, which damages the library materials. This fungus makes holes in the pages of documents.

Floods Central Library New Bridge Street Newcastle upon Tyne Unknown 1966


Water is one of the Environmental factors affecting library materials. When natural calamities, leaking roofs, human negligence, etc are the reasons for water damaging the libraries. Natural calamities mean that in some are Flood comes every year, which enters the library. The Library materials get damaged.

Leaking Roofs of Libraries due to defective plumbing, the pipe gets damaged and water is spread everywhere in the library. Check-in proper time by plumber helps in saving books from water. Water makes the binding weak and paper hard after it gets dry.

During the Raining season, you have to be alert. You don’t know when the rain will enter from the windows. So the windows clamp should be well in place so that it is closed during rain. When the books get wet during rain, fungus grows on it. Steel furniture like shelf gets rust after getting wet in rain.

dusty books in Libraries

Dust and Dirt

Dust is one of the environmental factors affecting Library materials. Its fine particles present in air ultimately gets seated on library material. Dust is very bad for libraries. It is a mixture of soil and sand. When this dust settles on documents and due to humidity, fungus grows there.

Dust and Dirt are very hard to remove. It gets stuck on the pages due to moisture. Due to moisture, there is a growth of fungus. These dust particles exert abrasion on the pages. Dust and Dirt give the fungus environment to grow on the surface of library materials.


Library one of the greatest institution which is respected everywhere. Old Libraries are a national heritage. It has collections of ancient times which lets you know about the culture of old times. So It is high time to save the library. You have to conserve and preserve the library materials.

You have to create methods of preservation of library materials. There are lots of environmental factors affecting library materials. So librarians have to make policies for the preservation of library materials. You got to know about Light, Heat, Humidity, Moisture, Dust, Dirt, Water, etc are the environmental factors. So you have to check these factors and handle the library with care.



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