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Difference between Windows and Linux

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Everybody uses Computers and Mobiles, but some people are aware about its operating system.When you are selecting Operating system then you should know about the difference between Windows and Linux.Windows and Linux are popular operating system, but after comparison you get to know the benefits about it.The first thing you should know while buying computer is its operating system.

List of some Operating Systems

1.MS Windows

2. Ubuntu

3. Mac OS

4. Fedora


6.Free BSD

7. Chrome OS




Linux Server for Your Small Business

History of Windows and Linux

Microsoft company developed operating system named Windows.Windows was introduced by Microsoft on Nov 20,1985.It was a part of Disk Operating System (DOS).Apple’s Macintosh was very popular Operating System that time, as it introduced GUI (Graphic User Interface).Microsoft company owner Bill Gates bundled Windows 1 with DOS but got success with Windows 3. It was released in 1990 and had GUI interface.Microsoft released Windows 95 in 1995.This brought huge success and became very popular.

Computers started coming with a pre-installed operating system with Windows. Window’s success was due to its features like user friendly and easy to understand. Microsoft’s first server was released in 1993, by Windows NT name. The market share of the Windows Operating system in August 2020 is 35.43%, where as Android is having 39.23% and Linux has 0.85%.

These above data have been mentioned with the reference to the StatCounter website article Operating System Market Share Worldwide. The latest version is Windows 10 released on March 10, 2020. According to the Microsoft website, the latest version is 1903-OS Build 18362.719 and 1909-OS Build 18363.719.

Another Operating system named Linux was created in 1991 by Finnish software engineer Linus Torvalds. He created this system similar to MINIX, a Unix operating system. This software was developed as a part of the GNU project licensed under the GNU General Public License, which is a free software license. First released of the Linux kernel was Linux 0.01

File:App Lens on Ubuntu 16.04LTS.png

In Linux Operating system , there version is not used.The term distribution is used as entity like Ubutu or Debian.As you know Linux kernel is free open source software.So developers use this software and create their own operating system, so it is called distribution of Linux kernel.There is version of Ubuntu.Like Ubuntu 20.04 LTS which was released on April 23, 2020, is latest version.There is a community of Linux ,which keeps on updating and developing Linux based softwares.

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Linux is based on UNIX operating system. Its source code can be easily modified and used as per requirements. The best feature which attracts users is security and stability. World’s Best Companies use Linux Operating System like Oracle, Novell, Redhat, Google, IBM, Facebook, Amazon, Dell, Samsung, etc.

1MX LinuxMX Linux
3Linux MintLinux Mint
6Elementary OSElementary OS
8Zorin OSFedora
9FedoraZorin OS

This data is from the website Distrowatch of May 2020. It tells their ranking of Linux distribution.

Features of Windows 10

Start Menu Returns

The start menu is back in Windows 10 on left side as usual but you will get to see Apps installed on another panel.

Cortana on Desktop

Microsoft has brought voice controlled digital assistant to help you in using computer without touching it.

Xbox App

Windows 10 will let you Xbox App game on your PC. It supports this game with high speed and graphics.

Project Spartan Browser

This feature has included PDF support.It also have reading mode which is suitable for reading long articles and you can take note also. You can put comments on your social network chat via a slide in menu , and this is done without minimising browser.

Improved Multitasking

This is new amazing feature.You can view all the web pages together on a screen.You can track all the web pages which are opened at that time or running.There is Task View button on the task bar.

Universal Apps

Microsoft has given a set of Universal apps with this Operating System, like Photos,Video,Music,Maps,People,Messaging, Mail and Calendar.All these apps will function the same way and contents will synced via Microsoft’s cloud service.

Office Apps Get Touch Support

A new version of Office apps including MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook will be provided. The touch-first interface will be given across phones, tablets, and PCs.


This is hybrid form of computer.When you detach keyboard then the keyboard appears on screen like a tablet.

Action Center

All the notifications from all the apps will appear at a centralised place called Action Center.

Difference Between Windows and Linux

Multimedia and Productivity Applications

Windows and Linux Operating System are very rich in multimedia applications. The best part of Linux is that applications are freely available.But in Windows you have to buy the software.The cost is also high.


There are lots of games available for Windows, but you have to purchase.Most of the games support Windows and so they are first released for Windows.Some games are available for Linux but are difficult to setup and run.

Threats and Security

Every user of Windows at some point may face security problems.Windows is the most used Operating system and so it is targeted by hackers ans spammers.So users have to buy Anti virus for their computers and if it is server than server version of antivvirus is installed.It is safe side for every user that they should purchase antivirus as soon as possible so that your system don’t gets corrupted and lastly OS gets crashed.

Linux is safe as compared to Windows.There is a community of developers working constantly and they updates it frequently .Linux is mostly multi user Operating system and is on network version and so gets easily updated , where as Windows is mostly single user and people don’t update it frequently.

Cost Comparison

Windows gets more costly when buying for institutional purpose as the Organisation have to purchase a site license copy.Although in developing countries, free site license can be acquired from Microsoft. Where as Linux ,organisation obtain one copy and that is installed in all the systems of that organisation.

Market Share

The market share of the Windows Operating system in August 2020 is 35.43%, where as Android is having 39.23% and Linux has 0.85%.These data have been mentioned with the reference to the StatCounter website .

Ease of Use

Linux is not very easy to use.It requires depth knowledge and practice to handle it.Some distributions such as Ubuntu and Linux are designed for better use.Where as Windows is very easy to use.It is user friendly and simple to use.


Online Support is available for Linux, as there is big community of developers who are constantly engaged in productivity, who are ready to help you. Where as  Windows support is also available through Microsoft site.


There is importance of both the Operating system.My opinion is that if you are using Windows then buy Original Operating system.Don’t go for pirated Windows OS.It will harm your computer in future.It is easily detected at some point of time.So far Linux is concerned there is no issue of any kind,since it is free software.But when you are using Windows be careful ,only use genuine software.It detects all fake licences.

Windows is household name everywhere because of its user friendly application.If follow all the norms windows will surely serve you for longer period.The people who use their computer roughly without anti virus , their system gets crashed.So take care of your system.


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