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Library is a social institution but we should also know, How the Library provides Community Information Services and Recreation. There are a few types of libraries that exist in our society. It may be an academic, research, or Public Library but the basic purpose is to extend the value of libraries. It is situated at the center of a school, college, universities, or society so that users are comfortable in visiting it. The library is the place where all sections of the community visit it.

It is the heart of any academic institution or any Community Centre. The library is the place where you will find the education seekers spending their valuable time. They utilize their time for gaining the required information. Community Library tries to cater to the needs of all users; it may be kids, young or old. It has resources for all age groups.


Community Information Services for old people

Communities Libraries  offer Community Information Services , which are open as other organizations but at this place, people gather in the evening especially to read magazines and newspapers. Senior citizens come out of their homes just for the sake of visiting the library but somewhere gaining lots of things. They get to walk which is very good for their health. Their moods get uplifted as they meet their age group people. They interact with them. When they reside at home people most part of the day and get gloomy.

People are self-centered and continuously ponder about their own problems. So dwelling on any issue for a longer period makes a case of depression. So people should encourage their children and aged parents to visit the library. So the Library is the place where they get a sort of entertainment. They read the documents of their choice and discuss them among their peer groups.

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Community Library Networks

People should follow the social networks of Libraries like Facebook Page, Twitter, or Instagram. Users are updated about the activities of libraries. People are informed about debates or any contest going on in the community library. These days Virtual Recreation Centre is there in libraries which consist of a variety of online resources for all age. They enjoy learning here. Some online games are there for children.

Community Library and Immigrants

Libraries are the gateways for people who are immigrants. They are new to that particular community area. So These libraries provide information that connects with other people of that community. Libraries also connect them with resources and they learn new skills. These people meet people at the library and interactions with them pave new opportunities for getting jobs. So in this way the Library plays a big role in establishing new people in their communities.

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Libraries play a pivotal role in making aware of the right information. In this digital era, every user is using different digital platforms and getting lots of viral information through circulation. Users should consult librarians regarding any supporting documents in their library. In this way the right information is verified in the library. Users should visit the Library, where they get to read correct information on any historical or contemporary issues.

Libraries are the hub of knowledge where all people should make a habit to visit the library every day without failing a single day. In this way, they will create a good habit which will be payable in a long way. They can make take the right decision on the basis of knowledge that they gained at the library. You read the interviews of all successful people; the common answer is that they are book lovers. They read books and journals. They have a personnel library.

Community Library helps in people’s Career

Underprivileged people are supported by these communities’ libraries. They get all educational resources for their examination purpose. Besides the academic course, they get to read magazines to read on health and movies. So Libraries can make anybody a bright career. So all people residing in any community library, which is also called a public library become members of that library. Contribute in any way which you can to that library, it will go a long way.

Visit Libraries for any reason; it may be for recreation or knowledge. You and all members should visit libraries so that children inculcate these reading habits from this young age. Small children get fascinated by the new storybooks. So it is high time they should be brought to libraries from this tender age.



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