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Challenges of Digital Library

Challenges of Digital Library


When any Librarian wants to setup Digital Library,he is not aware about the Challenges of Digital Library.When you are working on ground level then only you can identify the Challenges of Digital library.Digital Library is an important part of any Library.The Library are moving in direction of digitising the documents.

First you have to understand what is Digital Library.It means that you should have Digital collections.It means in electronc format.Users will able to access by visting digital library or throgh remote access.

Building digital collection

First way to build digital collection is that, you have to convert the documents into digitize format and store it.It can be stored and read in electronic format.After digitising through software then It can be uploaded in Instututional repository like DSpace and complete its metadata despcription.

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Second way to build digital collection is to subscribe the e-Books and E-Journals by paying the price.You will get a login Id and you can do login and access it.

The third way to build a collection is to have access to external digital collections. This will not be part of the internal collection. It can be accessed by local users from your digital library. It may be part of Open Access resources.

Challenges of Digital library

Challenges of Digital Library

Acquire Latest technology Equipments

When you are planning to create a digital library, you have to acquire or purchase the latest technology for developing Digital Library.You have to find at the local level or at international level.Most of the librarians will not find these types of technologies at local level.Then you have to search at international level.There you have to see whether it fulfills your requirements.

Shortage of Digital Tools

There is shortage of these tools in Open source enviornment.You have to purchase as these softwares as they are all commercial.You have to contact distributors and vendors to purchase it.

Less Budget

Libraries have very less budget.They are not aware of the cost of new technologies which will be quite productive in the library.The institutional management lacks proper budget and that budget is not enough to procure latest technology.Librarian is helpless though he wants his library to be digitised.

This is also one of the Challenges of Digital Library is to do proper maintenance of digital library which is very expensive.The cost of backup digital materials and preservation of digital information is high.

Damage the materials

This is one of the Challeneges of Digital library which nobody thinks before the digitisation process.The documents are very old and brittle.So when you wants to build comprehensive resources,you have to digitise all documents.But that old documents sometimes gets more damaged in the digitisation process.

These originals documents are very precious and needs extra care.But shortage of tools and demand of best quality reproduction makes the process more repetition and thus damage the documents.The old manuscripts are not in good state but these are the most demanded document for digitisation.

Design Retrieval tools

After digitisation, you have to do metadata description.At this point some people give abbreviated keywords of important fields like author,title, Publisher,Keywords,etc. These things will not let that documents to be retrieved by users.Incomplete cataloguing will not fetch that documents in that retrieval tools.So you have to design that sort of retrieval tools which can automatically read abbreviated information.

Establish Standard protocols

The Libraries of the whole world should create virtual unity.The Libraries responsible for digitising documents should follow the standard protocols.This will help in accessing and sharing of all that documents by other libraries.But this lacks among the libraries who are in digitisation process and so implementing is difficult.

Intellectual property

As you know it is very important issue which prevails before and after digitisation.You have to properly check about its compliance.When you are digitising ,it ids easy to find out about its licence information.You will get to know through license that it is copied and can be shared for adaptations or not.

Intellectual Property is the greatest challenges of Digital Library.The librarian have to formulate framework of rights and permission.The levels of access should be governed by privacy rights.The Digital library should have defined of copyrights and legal concerns related to webiste or portal of digital library.

Effective Access

If you are developing digital library ,that does not mean that your physical collections will be abandoned or neglected.The user should know about the original physical document whereabouts in the library.At someplaces after digitisation the physical book seems to be unimportant and left somewhere not to be traced.

Access all heterogeneous resources

A digital library should give access to all the heterogeneous resources of that library. In your library, there are comprehensive resources like books, journals, sound recordings, videos, manuscripts, photographs, Reports, etc. So it is also a challenge for the digital library to present all documents in the retrieval process.

Digital library for all

Users are exploring the Digital libraries but they gt to access limited subjects which they called gateways.But that gateways are on particular one or related subject.So This is also a challenge to setup a digital library which should be for all communities and professional.It should not be restricted for a particular purpose.

Challeneges of Digital Library

Develop more flexible Tools for Digital library

Today in the era of digital library,there should be option for accessing multi-script resources.Libraries should provide flexible tools for transforming digital contents to suit the needs of all users.


There are many challenges of Digital Library, but we have to face the challenges and get solution for that problems.You can’t keep sitting thinking about these problems.Every new work have hurdles.Digital Library is a boon for this civilization.Every information is at your finger tips.Who had thought that it will be so easy to access information.

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But every new technology demand cost and every maintenance demands cost.nothing is free in this world. You have to give charges for that service The Libraries should increase their budget now as it is high time to move and adapt to new technologies. If Libraries are not coming forward and not taking initiatives then the librarian profession will come at stake.

Information Communication technology is now integral part of Library.The digitisation process can’t be done without ICT. So librarians should improve their skills and budget.Welcome the challenges of digital library and sort it by their positive decisions.



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