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Best Webinar Software of 2020

Webinar Software

Introduction- Webinar Software

Seminar and Conferences are professional activities. Professionals used to take formal leave from college and universities to attend the Seminar. There are Registration charges which vary from institution to institution Any Professional would like to attend the Seminar as they know the topic and is enthusiastic to learn about it. Professionals gather together and meet each other.

They know each other and discuss different subjects related to their profession. These meetings of intellectuals give rise to new innovations. Seminars and conferences give participants the to present their paper and later on gets published named conference proceeding.

The seminar helps every participant to update their knowledge on that particular topic. After the seminar, a participation certificate in hardcopy was distributed. But Covid19 has changed a lot of things as and seminar is done on the web and so it is named as Webinar.

Webinar Software

How to use Webinar Software

The Webinar is done online. As the name suggests, the platform is on the Web. Professionals are getting webinar information on WhatsApp and Telegram Groups. Professionals have to click the registration form and thus the process gets completed with minutes. The message of confirmation gets on the registered mail. The link to the webinar and timing details are given in that email. The organizers of the webinar send reminders one hour before through the email.

We have to click ten minutes before the time of the webinar otherwise it may that due to limited participant number, permission is rejected for joining. After joining the webinar few minutes is trial and error game as some other starts presenting and some times main speaker or guest is left out and not able to join due to the full strength of participants had joined.

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Somebody leaves then they join. Sometimes the speaker connection is disconnected. So these are part of the Webinar Technical problems. The participants are warned to mute themselves, even then somebody unmutes it and creates a problem for the speaker and participants. Later participants as the time reach to finish, start to write for feedback links. Then organizers put feedback links and participants fill this form and submit it.

The certificate is mailed in our Inbox. Some Professionals are very happy to receive these certificates and post on Facebook and other social networking sites. But the real issue is that prestigious institution like ILA (Indian Library Association) is also issuing these webinar certificates but some professionals claim for its validity. But at the end of the day knowledge matters for these webinar’s participants. Webinars are conducted on different platforms and so their apps are to be downloaded.

Webinar Software

The following Webinar Software is used 

1. Google Meet-

Hangouts Meet is now Google Meet. Advanced Google Meet video conferencing has larger meetings up to 250 participants. It is free for businesses on G Suite through September 30, 2020. If you have a Google account you can use Google Meet. It keeps you connected with video conference built on Google’s robust and secure global infrastructure.
Meet is included with G Suite and g Suite for education. It is trusted by enterprises around the world. Just set up a meeting by sharing a link. Its interface is very lightweight. The Meet is fully integrated with G Suite. Gartner names Google meetings solutions a Peer Insights Customer’s Choice for 2018.Its very simple in three steps. Start Video, Join, and Add people to a meeting.

2. Zoom Meetings-

It is an American Communication technology company situated in its headquarter in California. It provides video telephony and chats services through this webinar software platform. It is the most popularly used teleconferencing platform for the webinar and providing online education. The Government of India, Ministry of Home warned regarding Zoom App usage as it was not safe.
Computer Emergency Response Team of India cautioned against the vulnerability of the app. But lots of webinars of the prestigious institutions were organized on Zoom App. Schools are still conducting classes on this App. Zoom has made a place in India and people are very much comfortable in using this app. Initially, due to Covid19, it is free with 100 participants and after that it is chargeable. It gets disconnected as time restrictions are there in the free edition.

3. GoToMeeting-

It is a web hosting service developed by LogMeIn.It is designed for online meetings and video conferencing. It is also a very good webinar software app enabling users to conduct online meetings, training, and webinars. It’s headquartered is in Boston, US.

4. Uber Conference-

It is a cloud-based conferencing webinar software app from Dialpad. It is built on WebRTC, as it provides real-time call control. Its other features are basic call, HD Audio, document sharing, Call Recording, and detailed profiles on callers from media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.UberConferencehas have been integrated into file-hosting services from Box, Dropbox, and EverNote. Brian Peterson Co-Founder of UberConference. It s headquarter in San Francisco (US).

5. LifeSize

This company provides cloud-based video conferencing services. It offers proprietary software for 4K video conferencing, audio, and video devices. It is used in education, media, and other technology industries. Craig Malloy is the CEO of this company. Its headquarters is in Austin, US.

6. Skype

it is the oldest technology company used for video conferencing and still strong as it developed apps for instant messaging, real-time video, and voice communication. It provides webinar software and mobile application that allows professionals to call and chat. Its headquarter is in Redmond, US.

7. Ready Talk

It provides communications through audio, web, and video conferencing, webinars, and webcasts. It has a long list of product solution range consisting of web conferencing, audio conferencing, video collaboration, mobile conferencing webinars, etc. It’s headquartered is in Denver, US. It was founded in 2000. Dan King Founder and CEO of this company.

8. Star Leaf

 It delivers HD video calling and conferencing solutions. It is a provider and manufacturer of messaging and video conferencing services. Mark Richer and Willaim MacDonald are the cofounders of this company.

9. GoToWebinar

It is a platform that helps to provide online and video conferencing with customers, colleagues, professionals, etc. The applications of GoToWebinararevery efficient. This application gives an excellent option for professionals and companies that want to reach their audience. This platform best suitable for webinars and training. Its interface is very simple and userfriendly.
It is a very good webinar software ( tool )to effectively promote your online event.GoToWebinar supports all devices like Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac. The pricing model is available for a monthly payment and Annual Subscription. Its customers are a small business, Large enterprise, Medium Business, and Freelancers.


 It provides web conferencing and webinars for small businesses. It helps users to host and attend web-based conferences and meetings. This application is also web-based software. In August 2017, AnyMeeting had over one million registered users.

11. Ring Central Meetings

This application lets users meet, share, and collaborate with anyone, anywhere in real-time. It is HD video conferencing and screen sharing solutions. One can host unlimited videoconference calls and share content in a meeting with anyone. It can have an online meeting up to 500 video participants. Its release date is December 2107.

12. Microsoft Teams

 It is a Communication and Collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. This service integrates with office 365. It is available in 26 languages. Microsoft announced Teams at an event in New York and launched the service worldwide on March 12, 2107. It is the best webinar software from Microsoft.

13. Youtube

It is also a popular platform for webinars these days. It is an American online video sharing application. It’s headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three former PayPal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim developed this service in February 2005. Google bought this site in November 2006. It is one of the Google subsidiaries. Its CEO Susan Wojcicki.

14. FreeConferenceCall.com

 This is a website founded in 2001 in Ling Beach, California, US. The company is one of the largest providers of conference call services online. David Erickson’s the owner of this company. It was launched on October 26, 2001.It is also one of the oldest webinar software.

15.Cisco Webex

It is the leading conferencing platform having partners like CNN.It is also an American Company developed and sells web conferencing and video applications. It was founded by WebEx in 1995 and taken over by Cisco systems in 2007. its headquarter is in Milpitas, California. Its founders were Subrah Iyar and MinZhu.It has lots of products namely Webex meetings, Webex teams, Webex Training Centre, Webex support Centre, Webex Event Centre, Webex Enterprise Edition, and Webex Connect.



Thus these above-mentioned webinar software or tools are very effective in communicating with others living in remote places. One can see the body language and facial expressions of participants. This platform was made popular due to Covid19, which created this sort of environment. Everybody needed these platforms to discuss and meet.
These applications fulfilled everyone’s needs and desire to communicate officially or personally. These applications are boon for professionals who got these platforms to conduct webinars. Things were made easier for people due to these web conferencing tools.


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