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Best Resume Format


This post is about writing the Best Resume Format. A resume is a French word having the meaning “Summary”. It is about the details of education, experiences, and employment. It is around two pages. Another is Curriculum Vitae which is a Latin word, having the meaning as ” Course of Life “. It has no limit of pages. Then another is Bio Data, which is given stress on personal details. It is generally used for matrimonial purposes.
A resume is a tool that is required when you are applying for Job, you have to take care of the Resume Format. It should be written in a proper way so that the Recruiter gets to know about you in a detailed way. Whatever you have written, it should be true. A resume is a sort of advertisement of your skills. The HR manager gets to know what qualifications and experiences you have. Are you suitable for the required position? So Resume should be written in a way in which all the skills, qualifications, and experiences reflect at one glance. The resume should not be too long nor it should be too short.
 I think a two-page Resume is suitable. It should be well-typed and have enough font size that it should be easily readable.I think 12 or 14 size font is good enough to read. The font type which is officially used is Times Roman so it should be used to write a Resume. You should stick a good picture on the right side of the Resume. It should be in formal dress and better to have a white background. For more details visit this website.
Now you have to write Name and Contact details on the left side of the Resume. The Contact details include Mobile Number and Email ID. Both the information is very important as if these have any mistakes HR will not able to contact you. Don’t give anybody else a mobile number like your father or brother. It should be your number and in working condition. The same is also for email Id. Check the email before giving in your resume. I am giving stress on these two things as it is the medium to communicate between you and HR.

Relevant points for Best Resume Format


Job Objective

Whenever you are applying, understand the position name. You have to mention the position name you are applying to. You can write in an appealing manner and that could attract HR attention. It should be a catchy line. It means you are advertising through that line or tag.

Professional Experience

Those who are fresher can give details of the Internship. From where you did an internship and what was the duration of the internship. The experienced person can give information like when he joined that institution? which post he was working there? You can mention the name and its website of that institution. You can also mention where that institute is affiliated? You can mention the address of that institution this information is required as it makes clarity of your position where you are working presently or you have worked. Mention all the experiences giving bullet or number. The current should be on top.

Professional Test or Skills

You can mention information related to any national level exam you have passed like University Grants Commission conducts National Eligibility Test or State government conducts SET. So this information is relevant for acquiring the post you have applied. If you don’t have this information to write then you may write regarding professional skills. This information should be related to your profession.

Professional Qualification

Now you have to write the information related to your course examination you have passed. First, write the examinations of the professional courses than the regular course result. The details should be like the course name, from which university, which year, which place, and percentage. The percentage should be accurate.

Academic Qualification

After professionals write information related to regular courses. The same way information will be written. The details should be like the course name, from which university, which year, which place, and percentage.

Professional Computer Training

Any computer course you have enrolled in before. You have done a certificate or diploma course. These courses are valuable if that is relevant to your post. The Institute details and duration of course.

Project Undertaken

Everybody goes to do any project in the final year. That may be in the form of an internship or some project. These projects are done under the supervision of a Guide. So mention the institute from where you did internship or project, Guide or Supervisor, Topic of the Project, Duration, etc.

Professional Activities

Have you been a part of any team of the institution? Like sports, magazine committee, Debates, Yoga, Cricket, Placement Cell, Mentoring, etc. So you can mention these activities and any programs you had conducted or part of it.

Conferences and Workshop

These are parts of professional activities. By participating in Conferences and Workshops, you keep your self updated. You know what the latest things are going in your profession. You mention the Institute name which is conducting, The Topic of Workshop, Duration, dates, etc.


You should participate in webinars. This helps you to gain know knowledge. You should mention details of the Institution conducting program, Topics, and date of the webinar.

Professional Membership

You should be a member of any professional body, which you are related. Mention the name of that organization and where it exists.

Paper presented

You should mention the details of the paper you presented. The details of the seminar like university, organization, Topic of Paper, date, etc

Publication Work

The publication part is also very necessary for your profession. Mention the name of Journal or Conference Proceedings, Issue No. Volume No. Date, Pagination, etc.

Personal Information

Mention the personal information.

  • Name:
  • Father’s Name:
  • Date of Birth :
  • Marital Status :
  • Gender:
  • Nationality :
  • Passport Details:
  • Permanent Address :
  • Correspondence Address :


This is the last and important part of the Resume. This is a sort of Recommendation. He may be your Teacher, Worked under him, Professional friend, etc. You mention the Name, Position, Institution, Address, Mobile, and Email details of any one of your profession who knows well and in a good position. When you apply in a company, HR tries to confirm the information by contacting your reference.


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