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Best Features of Email

Features of Email

Introduction of email

Email is part of our life and so you must know the features of Email. When you receive the messages in your inbox with the help of computers or Mobile then that is called electronic email. You can send email without knowing the exact location of that person. The person is connected through the network of that device, it may be a computer or Mobile.

Every individual has their own mail inbox. The messages which are delivered are stored in this Inbox. The message may be text, audio, or video format. Messages can be sent at any time. You don’t have to wait for the morning. The message can be sent to an individual or group of persons at a single click. Email helps us to contact any person in the world within a matter of seconds.

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The First Email message was sent in 1972 by a scientist named Ray Tomlinson. Email is the most used service of the internet. You can’t think of communication without email in the Corporate world. The features of email attract its users and conveniently used all over the world.

How Email works on the Internet

The Email have an address just like your postal address.This email address lets the server knows the destination of that message.The Internet email address is written like this – user name@domain name.The user name should be unique.If anybody in this world have that username , you will not get that username gain.You have to modify it.That username identifies the recipient.

The domain name denotes address.Many people can share the same domain name, for example gmail.Lots of people have gmail accounts.Email is recieved and sent through Email Servers.So when you want to read or download attachment ,it is done through email servers.

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First, you have to write the recipient username, then the subject, and then compose (write) the message. Then click on the send button. The software handles the delivery. The message is sent to the destination inbox. If the message is not delivered then a failure message comes in your inbox, stating the reasons for failure. You have to check the email address as most of the time, that is the reason for failure. Correct the address and resend it.

Features of Email

Anatomy of an Email Message

Features of Email

” To ” contains the recipients email address. This is necessary to send email. ” Cc ” stands for Carbon Copy. ” BCC” stands for Blind Carbon Copy.These fields contains email address of other recipients. This is optional.

Subject contains the topic of the message in brief.It should not be lengthy , just few words.This subject is seen by recipients in the summary of incoming emails.The attachments file name is seen by the recipients.You may know it is pdf or jpg file.Body contains the message.


Features of email

These features of email helps the recipients know about the details of sender.This feature is in the end of the message.It is done by going in the setting.By word signature don’t think that it is hand written or signature scanned and uploaded.The signature feature is mandatory in corporate world.

It is just like a business card.The signature includes your Name, Title, Organisation name , Address , Mobile number,Website,etc.You don’t have to retype the information every time you send the email.

Reading Email Messages

When you see the message in your Inbox, you see the sender’s name and the subject.Click on that summary of that message.After reading it and these messages can be organised in a folder.Sent mail is seen in Sent box.

Replying Email Messages

Features of Email

The above picture will help you understand how to reply the email message.Reply and Forward button is there.”To” and “Subject” field are automatically filled in with with the address of the sender.

Sending files as attachment

These features of email allows you to attach files of different formats.It may be documents in word or pdf format,It may be spreadsheets,picture,audio,video clips,etc. To attach a file click on attachment clip , looking like paper clip.Select the file from the location of your computer through attachment window.

Opening Attachment

When you see the attachment file , then double click it.It will be downloaded in your download folder of your computer.You have be cautious, as lots of attachment carries virus.So scan it before downloading.If you don’t know the user or don’t trust the sender , then delete the message as it may have virus.

Managing your Messages

These features of email helps in organising the messages.You can create folder by different names.For example , you can put all your jobs related message in Jobs named folder.So you can bring message from any folder or Inbox where you want.

Managing your Addresses

These features of email helps users to make a contact list .In addressbook just record the email address and other information of people whom we contact frequently.When you wants to send email just put few alphabets of the recipients name and name appears there.So it makes easy to put recipients email address.You won’t have to type again and again.

This saves time and helps us to avoid mistakes in email address.You can also create a group of addresses with a name..When you select that name , then the message is sent to all address automatically, having in that group.This is called mailing List.

Advantages of Email

These are the important features of Email mentioned above, which helps users in doing email conveniently.Email saves user’s their precious time,paper and money.If you compare with telephone or written letters, you will find email far better.The important features of email is that you send anybody email and he recieves it instantly.

It allows you to communicate with large number of people simultaneously. Email keeps a record of all the message you recieved or sent.There are lots of advantages of Email. You can Send documents, pictures audio video messages combined in on email to one individual or groups.

Disadvantages of Email

Everything have two aspects.Here also there are few disadvantages of Email.Its message lacks emotion.You can’t judge the mental condition of the sender.Sometimes meanings of words are lost without verbal or visual clues.Another thing is that the email sent by mistake also , can’t be cancelled.Unwanted messages flood our Inbox .These messages are called Spam.


Email is a boon for everybody.It helps users in all fields of profession.Email keeps you informed and updated.It helps in official and personal work.You should give more attention to advantages of email.It is the fastest medium to send messages from one place to another.Gmail is one of the largest provider of email of this world.


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