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5 Best Time Management Techniques

Time Management Techniques

Importance of Time Management Techniques

Time Management is an important aspect of our Life. Some people do not give value to time. They have no importance and so say “why is time management important”.But this type of having an attitude is lazy people. They don’t have the importance of time and later on, there is no importance for that man. He wasted time, if he had utilized the time and given value then today he might be a valuable man.

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Time is precious, more than money. The money will be earned later, taken back from anybody whom he had given. But the time which you wasted is not coming again. So a clever man is who utilizes every minute. He knows this time will not come back again. Time is an important Resource but this has got a limited period.

On our mobile, we get an Internet pack for 24 hours. If you have used then it is good otherwise after 12 pm its not used pack will get finished. The same way we are getting 24 hours. It makes one day. So you have to use that 24 hours otherwise it is finished and another day comes. You can’t store that day for work when required. So it is up to you to waste or utilize that 24 hours.

Everybody gets the same period, 24 hours a day. God has done justice. Even a poor man or rich, all have been provided that limit of time equally. Those who utilize in constructive work becomes rich and those who waste time become poor someday. When they realize it’s too late. The days which could have made him something is not going to come back.

These thoughts compelled me to write Best Time Management Techniques so that any person who reads my blog will benefit from it.

Steps to Improve your Time Management Techniques

  • 1.Make a schedule for each day– Every person, maybe a student or working should make a schedule. In-School there is time Table. Because of this time table, students know which subjects are going to be taught tomorrow and they are prepared. So in this sense, you have to make this schedule so that your whole day is planned. You know at what time you are going what to do. Making a Schedule is one of the Best Time Management Techniques. This is a powerful Time Management techniques to make you more productive.
  • 2.Rank your task- You have a written to-do list. This is another Time Management Techniques. You have to give prioritize the task. You have to give importance to which task. Which task is first, which is second and which is third. In this way, you have to prefer one task over another. Which task is better for you. So focus on your task.MyLifeOrganized and nTask are good apps for creating a to-do list.
  • 3.Be Focused– Don’t get distracted by something else. Time Management Techniques is very effective in focusing your task and control you to deviate from your task. You have to stick to your task. Never give a second thought to other work. Then only you can do justice with yourself and to-do list. If you are not following strictly then its no use, not getting good results. So think about yourself and your goal. The firm determination plays an important role. Some people identify the distraction culprits and later realize it. Then they keep away from that disruptive technologies like email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
  • 4.Be Structured – It means that you are now booked for a particular task and you don’t think of another task, which may bee in your list to do. This is also one of the best Time Management Techniques to follow. It is one of the best ways to be productive. It stops you from doing multi-tasking. As multitasking is not a very good effort as you can’t do justice to all work simultaneously. It will divide your attention and so the work done will be of poor quality. Week Plan app helps you block your week in advance.
  • 5.Evaluation of schedule – If you are not doing the evaluation of the shedule then you can’t improve.Keep tracking of shedule and see if you are following on that shedule.Tracking is important.It is one of the best time management techniques which help to keep aware of your time utilization.Are you killing time or engaged in any productive work.It provides you the insight to make effective changes in yourself so that you follow the shedule.
5 Best Time Management Techniques

Create a “What to do” List

  1. Create  your to-do list for each minute of the day
  2. Develop a separate to-do list for personal and official work
  3. Estimate the time required for each work
  4. Give Priority to do in  the list
  5. Do not deviate from your plan
  6. Give 10 minutes at the end of the day to  create a to-do list for the next day


  1. Do – Which work you have to do at all cost. It is Urgent and Important also. That should be your first priority.
  2. Delay – That task which can be delayed.it is not urgent or very important at that time. So it can be delayed for an hour or day.
  3. Delete – After putting that task in a to-do list, you later realized that it is not a worthless task. So better to delete then wasting time. If there is an Option available to that task then choose a better option and delete another one.

Activity Log or Diary

  1. Keep an activity diary to understand how you utilize  your time
  2. Evaluate how much time you spend doing the work
  3. Evaluate your diary, determine whether you are really using your time to your maximum benefit.
  4. Use the diary to reprioritize

Evaluate your Planning

  1. Analyze how much free time do you have
  2. How will you utilize your time
  3. check your priorities
  4. Determine  your goals
  5. Use a planner
  6.  stick to plans
  7. Be on time when you need to be
  8. Do you put things off when you should n’t

Basic Principles of Time Management

  1. Build some guidelines
  2. Make Proper preparation
  3. Create Preference
  4. Be real
  5. Staying on task
  6. Creating systems
  7. Team Work
Time management

Identify Time wasting culprits

1. Interruptions -Email, WhatsApp,Facebook,etc are disruptive technology as they waste our time.Time Management Techniques will help you to refrain from these things.

2.Long Breaks – If you are taking break from your work and that break if taken for long period, breaks concentration.

3. Cluttered Desk- If the desk is messy and cluttered then you will not feel good in sitting there and perform task.It should be organised, then only you will find right file at the right time and not waste time in searching the whole desk.

4.No Formal meetings – If you don’t organise a formal meeting , then all the staff will come at their convenienece and ultimately your time is wasted.If you call a formal meeting then all staff will come together and meeting will take place and no more time is wasted for it.

5.Socializing in the workplace – Some people have this habit of socializing at the workplace. They don’t sit in their department rather keeps moving from one department to another. Thus wasting his own time and others time also.

6. No proper communication – If you are not communicating with the head of the department or collegues then he does the work which is not required or in wrong way.

7. Poor planning – If you are doing multi task then you are not able to do justice with that task.Its because of poor planning.Time Management Techniques will help you in planning your task.

Failure to manage time at work

1 No Fixed deadlines – Deadline is very important to achieve any task within limited time.If there is no deadlines there is more chance that it will be lingered and not finish in proper time.There is chance of failure of task.

2.No Prior Appointments – Appointments is necessary as he will give time to meet when he is free and you should go at the time of appointment.If you are not taking appointments then he may be busy or not available in his office.

3.Lack of Professionalism – Professional attitude is necessary to achieve any task in proper way.But if you are doing task in unprofessional way there is chances of failure.

4.low work quality – Quality of work done by following Time Management Techniques .If you are not following any techniques then chances are that low quality work will be done.

5.Insufficient work – If time management techniques is not followed then you will be failure and thus you will get insufficient work order.

6.Unwanted stress – There is too much stress at the work, But if followed the techniques then ,it will be easy to work.

7.Strained workplace relationship – The relationship is strained due to failure in the task given by your head of the department.Time is not followed and thus every task is done late.

8.Financial penalties – If not followed time management techniques, then you are not finishing task at correct time.For example if you are filing TDS late then you have to pay penalties.

9.Personal life imbalance – Yes Personal life gets imbalanced without time management.You are taking office work at home. You are not giving proper time to your family , then these things will surely happen.

Benefits of Time Management in a workplace

1.Deliver work on time

2.Provide a better quality of work

3.More productivity and efficiency

4.Less stress and anxiety

5.Impoved quality of life

6.More opportunities and career growth

7.More time for leisure and recreation

Time Management Apps

1.Rescue Time

2.Remember the milk

3.Focus Keeper









Tools for Tracking time at WorkPlace











So you have to follow the Time Management Techniques, then only you will get success in personal and professional life. You will get benefits by following these techniques and failure by not following them. There are lots of apps available these days so that it will track your movements and how you are doing your task.

Your all efforts should be to do work on time and for that you have to make schedule , having to do list for every day.Follow the 5 best Time Management Techniques for getting things done in proper way.



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